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" You have no idea how popular the ZZZ songs are……… the children LOVE it from reception upwards. The littlies particularly enjoy spotting the weather words we have learnt and shout out when they recognise them, then of course they love to anticipate what the weather will be on the next day. The music itself is so catchy and tuneful, too. My only real issue is how to let them down gently in the lessons when we AREN'T going to put ZZZ on.

I love the idea of being able to buy the CDs in bulk as the children love the songs so much, I'm sure they will be pleased to be able to buy it for themselves.

I would never have imagined the enthusiasm that my children have for ZZZ! They absolutely love the songs and pick it up so quickly. They readily absorb the grammar points of gender agreement etc and sing like pros right from the start…..Many thanks for raising the enthusiasm in my classroom! They work like Trojans to get time at the end of each lesson to sing! "

Sally Rowden, Leading Language Teacher, Essex




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ZIM ZAM ZOUM Module 1 - first part of a comprehensive 4-Module software programme for teaching French to children aged 6 to 12 on the interactive whiteboard

promlogo Promethean Version

Zim Zam Zoum must be run with Promethean Activprimary, Activstudio or Inspire Edition software as it uses the Promethean interface of tools to make lessons of maximum interactivity. The Promethean Version contains everything that is in the Standard Version, plus a great deal of extra teaching material supplied in Activprimary flipchart format. There are 24 comprehensive and colourful flipcharts in Module 1 alone. Each of the units is centred on and contains one of the animated Zim Zam Zoum songs.

(Compatible with any PC/ interactive whiteboard that is enabled to use Promethean Activprimary, Activstudio or Activsoftware InspireEdition) See www.prometheanworld.com

If you do not have Promethean software available in your school, ZimZam Zoum can be used (with some restricted functionality) with the free viewer here:


Module 1 covers:

greetings, asking and saying name, age and where you live, colours, days of the week, asking and saying how you are, numbers, weather, animals, describing a pet, ice creams, classroom items, the grammar of gender, articles and plurals and much more.

Module 1 comprises 24 extensive ready-made flipcharts of all kinds of interactive activities:

  • 7 units, each with an animated song
  • karaoke tracks and printable song-words
  • printable differentiated activity sheets
  • animated grammar explanations with interactive exercises


  • over 500 inventive flipchart pages of games and exercises to practise, consolidate and extend learning
  • printable flashcards
  • printable vocabulary lists
  • Activote assessment quizzes


Price per Site Licence = £179.95 + VAT

about us
about us  



4 Modules (one per year at KS2)

Each module comprises 6 or 7 units

Each unit corresponds to 4 to 6 weeks of teaching at KS2

Every unit contains:

  • a central animated song, embedded in the main exercise flipchart
  • one or two extensive exercise flipcharts with a comprehensive progression of interactive whiteboard activities to practise and consolidate language, using a wide variety of Promethean tools and features
  • a flipchart of flashcards (printable)
  • a flipchart of vocabulary sheets (printable)
  • a PDF of song-words (printable)
  • differentiated activity sheets (35 in total across the module)

Some units also contain, embedded in the main exercise flipchart, an animated explanation of simple grammar, with keyboard exercises.


  • 7 fully animated original songs, which are themed to support topics usually introduced in the first year of French. Most songs are in dialogue form and act as a springboard to real conversation. The voices of native French children are embodied in charmingly drawn and animated characters, with which pupils immediately engage.
  • 24 comprehensive Activprimary flipcharts per module, delivering over 500 imaginative and colourful pages of interactive games and exercises
  • Karaoke tracks and printable song-words in French and English allow children to learn and sing the songs for performance in class or to parents.
  • Lip synchronisation of the animations helps pupils in their pronunciation. A button bar allows you to remove the music to focus on pronunciation, and then to remove the voices so, once they know the songs, children can sing along karaoke-style.
  • Animated grammar explanations, with interactive keyboard exercises, help children to assimilate some basic knowledge of how the French language works.
  • 35 printable activity sheets (with answers) consolidate the vocabulary of the songs and expand understanding of the French language. Written at two levels, a Piste Verte for standard use and a Piste Rouge for extension and more grammar practice, these sheets are based on the songs and comprise word-searches, crosswords, gap-fill, code-breaking, role-play etc.
  • Further classroom activities - PDF of ideas
  • Guidance notes - PDF

Flipcharts include the following features:

  • ‘Click-on’ vocabulary pronunciation by native French speakers, plus facility to record, replay and compare
  • Isolated tool buttons for each activity, for ease of use
  • Flashcards with 3 different choices: picture only, picture and word on same side, picture with word on reverse (printable or for onscreen use)
  • Differentiation,with a Piste Verte for standard use and a Piste Rouge for extension
  • Assessment quizzes (Activote or pen and paper)
  • Open-ended, cross-curricular project work and research on the internet
  • Detailed teacher’s notes to every activity page (available instantly onscreen, or printable Lesson plans (available instantly onscreen, or printable)


  • Repetition without boredom: the animated songs are like role-plays or conversations set to melodic and memorable tunes. Each song presents words, phrases and sentences on two or three vocabulary topics and, because they are songs, all the repetition that is so necessary in foreign language learning happens naturally. Children revisit their classroom learning when they sing the songs again with their friends in the playground, or teach their siblings at home.
  • Motivation and participation: the animations and catchy melodies immediately engage the children and the visual aid doubles their understanding, making them all the keener to learn.
  • Confidence: children are able to join in fully, without embarrassment or fear of failure, as they are joining in communal singing, which is a shelter for those who are less confident.
  • Comprehensive support of QCA KS2 Scheme of Work, KS2 Framework for Languages and Scottish 5 – 14 Guidelines
  • Flexibility: all ages from 6 – 12 will enjoy and learn from Zim Zam Zoum at their own level. The software can be used in many different classes and to support different styles of teaching.
  • Saves preparation time
  • Full use of engaging interactive tools in ready-made flipchart activities
  • Non-specialist and specialist teachers alike can teach confidently using the supportive, flexible and open-ended flipcharts
  • Value for money: The flipcharts contain a huge amount of teaching material, from which to choose.
  • Performance: performance is a great reward for children and these songs have little stories to them that lend themselves to performance, whether to the class, the rest of the school, or to parents. Providing karaoke tracks makes this easy for the teacher.
  • Ease of navigation
  • Cross-curricular links to numeracy, literacy, geography, PHSE, music, dance, art and DT

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Price per Site Licence = £179.95 + VAT

about us
about us  


Flipcharts These are ready-made Activprimary flipcharts for the interactive whiteboard. There are 3 types of flipchart: 1) exercise flipcharts, 2) flashcard flipcharts and 3) vocabulary list flipcharts.

  1. Exercise flipcharts - either Piste Verte (standard), or Piste Rouge (Extension)

Using the backgrounds and graphics from the songs to bring character and vitality to the activities, these are colourful and fun pages, containing progressive activities and exercises to build on and consolidate the vocabulary, functions and structures of the animated song content.

Extending far beyond the standard drag and drop exercises of much language-learning software, these flipcharts use an extensive range of interactive devices and games. All activities are designed for maximum interactivity, with full use of the large range of tools available on the Promethean interface: pens for annotation; eraser to rub and reveal; colour change; roller dice; spotlight tool; blind reveal; preset tickertapes; sound; Activote for instant assessment.

Every page is accompanied by clear and comprehensive teacher’s notes to help you get the most out of the activity – available onscreen in one easy click. However, many of the activities are open-ended and can be used by individual teachers in their own way. We have been amazed at the inventive ways in which some teachers have used them !

The animated songs and karaoke versions are embedded in each flipchart and can be accessed easily as the flipchart progresses. They are not necessarily positioned at the beginning of the flipchart, as usually the content vocabulary is introduced first through exercises and activities.

In some units, an animated grammar explanation is also embedded in the exercise flipchart, followed by interactive keyboard exercises,

Knowledge about language is carefully addressed and, as with all the activities, the grammar presentation and practice can be adopted or not according to the choice of the teacher.

Most units also contain a page of suggestions of websites to research to develop intercultural knowledge.

Each flipchart is divided into suggested lessons, with a lesson plan at the start, listing the activities/objectives and the skills covered. The lessons begin with revision starter activities and move progressively through the stages of vocabulary presentation, practice and consolidation in oracy and literacy, through to role-play. (Incorporated along the way are knowledge about language, language learning strategies, grammar and intercultural study).

However, these lessons are only suggestions and can be used in a flexible way. By using the thumbnail tray on the activity pages, it is possible to dip in and out of activities from different lessons with great ease.

  1. Flashcard flipcharts

The flashcards of vocabulary used in the songs and exercises can be used on the whiteboard, or they can be used for more classroom activities away from the board. They are presented in different formats for optimum versatility and can be printed off, either as picture only, or with picture and word on the same side, or with the word on the reverse side.

  1. Vocabulary List flipcharts

As a further support resource, vocabulary lists belonging to the songs and activities can be printed off and given to children for homework or other use.


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Promethean Version - Titles

Songs & Flipchart Content ZIM ZAM ZOUM – an introduction to the characters (Topics: oracy and literacy skills with greetings; saying name and nationality, with gender agreement; English-speaking nationalities; some action words)

Unit 1: Bonjour, bonjour, salut ! (Topics: oracy and literacy skills with colours; asking and saying name, age, where you live and your favourite colours; in the park; an introduction to nouns and gender)

Unit 2: Les Vingt Bonbons (Topic: oracy and literacy skills with numbers to 20; saying how many there are)

Unit 3: Comment ça va ? (Topic: oracy and literacy skills with asking and saying how you are; role-play;)

Unit 4: Imagine ! (Topics: oracy and literacy skills with nouns of the natural world; further use of colour; classroom items; how to form the plural with definite articles)

Unit 5: Quel temps fait-il ? (Topics: oracy and literacy skills with weather phrases; days of the week; location of French cities; weather forecast; ice cream flavours and how to ask for them)

Unit 6: Tu as un animal ? (Topics: oracy and literacy skills with animals; talking about pets, saying their name and giving a short description; extended role-play with use of simple relative clause and parce que…; how to form the plural with indefinite articles)

Price per Site Licence = £179.95 + VAT

about us
about us