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" You have no idea how popular the ZZZ songs are……… the children LOVE it from reception upwards. The littlies particularly enjoy spotting the weather words we have learnt and shout out when they recognise them, then of course they love to anticipate what the weather will be on the next day. The music itself is so catchy and tuneful, too. My only real issue is how to let them down gently in the lessons when we AREN'T going to put ZZZ on.

I love the idea of being able to buy the CDs in bulk as the children love the songs so much, I'm sure they will be pleased to be able to buy it for themselves.

I would never have imagined the enthusiasm that my children have for ZZZ! They absolutely love the songs and pick it up so quickly. They readily absorb the grammar points of gender agreement etc and sing like pros right from the start…..Many thanks for raising the enthusiasm in my classroom! They work like Trojans to get time at the end of each lesson to sing! "

Sally Rowden, Leading Language Teacher, Essex




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Audio CDs


Song Lyrics book 2

Two CDs of melodic, original teaching songs, sung by native French singers and written for children aged 6 – 12, with a wide range of music styles – a springboard to real conversation.


Audio CD 1 - 13 original French songs covering:

  • Zim Zam Zoum – an introduction to the characters (Topics: greetings; saying name and nationality; some action words)
  • Bonjour, bonjour, salut ! (Topics: asking and saying name, age, where you live and your favourite colour)
  • Les Vingt Bonbons (Topic: counting to 20)
  • Comment ça va ? (Topic: asking and saying how you are)
  • Imagine ! (Topics: the natural world; further use of colour)
  • Quel temps fait-il ?(Topics: weather phrases; days of the week)
  • Tu as un animal ? (Topics: animals; talking about pets, saying their name and giving a short description;)
  • La Salle de Classe(Topics: classroom items, instructions, imperatives)
  • La Photo de ma Famille (Topics: family members, mon, ma, mes, prepositions)
  • L’anniversaire(Topics: months of the year, dates, birthday)
  • L’autobus va en ville(Topics: places around town, directions)
  • J’aime et je n’aime pas(Topics: likes and dislikes, food, sport, leisure, opinions)
  • L’alphabet (Topics: words beginning with each letter of the alphabet)


Karaoke tracks and illustrated colour booklet of song-words in French and English.

Price: £9.95 + VAT


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about us  

Audio CD2

Audio CD 2– for improvers and transition of Key Stage 2 to 3:
12 more songs for children to extend their knowledge of French, with a wide range of further vocabulary and grammatical structures:

  • Dans ton panier (Topics: household objects, agreement of adjectives
  • Au Restaurant (Topics: Ordering food in a restaurant)
  • Les Contraires (Topics: common opposites)
  • Je suis la Reine de France (Topics: using the negative)
  • Mes activités (Topics: days of the week with pastimes)
  • Quelle heure est-il ? (Topics: time and daily routine)
  • Qu’est-ce que tu mets ? (Topics: clothes, with agreement of adjectives)
  • Allons voyager ! (Topics: transport, Francophone countries, geographical features)
  • Sais-tu jouer d’un instrument ? (Topics: playing musical instruments, adverbs)
  • Je vais au marché (Topics: buying at the market)
  • Chanson pour sauter à la corde (Topics: parts of the body, physical descriptions, counting in tens)
  • Voici des verbes (Topics: rap of verb conjugations, including some irregular verbs)

Karaoke tracks and illustrated colour booklet of song-words in French and English.

Price: £9.95 + VAT


about us
about us  

Both CDs are suitable both for classroom use and for pupils to enjoy at home or in the car.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of your school bulk buying the audio CDs to sell to your pupils, as added support to their learning, please contact us for special prices.

Do not forget that these songs are fully animated in ZIM ZAM ZOUM software Modules 1 and 2 on the Software CDs page.

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