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" You have no idea how popular the ZZZ songs are……… the children LOVE it from reception upwards. The littlies particularly enjoy spotting the weather words we have learnt and shout out when they recognise them, then of course they love to anticipate what the weather will be on the next day. The music itself is so catchy and tuneful, too. My only real issue is how to let them down gently in the lessons when we AREN'T going to put ZZZ on.

I love the idea of being able to buy the CDs in bulk as the children love the songs so much, I'm sure they will be pleased to be able to buy it for themselves.

I would never have imagined the enthusiasm that my children have for ZZZ! They absolutely love the songs and pick it up so quickly. They readily absorb the grammar points of gender agreement etc and sing like pros right from the start…..Many thanks for raising the enthusiasm in my classroom! They work like Trojans to get time at the end of each lesson to sing! "

Sally Rowden, Leading Language Teacher, Essex



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Why use Song ?


Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task for a child, while teaching it often involves very time-consuming preparation and exhausting performance in front of the class.

Taught By Song resources will help you teach without stress and your pupils learn with real understanding as well as enjoyment. The software and audio CDs are becoming key components of every French or Spanish teacher's toolkit (whether specialist or non-specialist), to keep children motivated and language lessons buzzing, whilst promoting effective learning.

Our products focus on teaching through SONG

This is proven an effective and engaging way for children to practise core vocabulary and structures and perfect their pronunciation. The progression through each song provides gradual vocabulary substitution and repetition of key structures without boredom. The dialogue format helps children into real conversation in the foreign language. Exceptionally catchy and varied, the songs have a quality and subtlety usually not found in such resources.

Animated songs for the interactive whiteboard

The fully animated versions of these songs are at the centre of our programme of interactive software, alongside extensive support materials, including sound grammar teaching.

The diagram below shows how the animated songs software is a formula for rapid and successful language acquisition through multi-sensory exposure and interactivity.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Motivating, engaging and fun !

Learn more about how the brain learns

Meet the characters !

In Zim Zam Zoum (French), ten year-old English girl, Lucy, lives with her family in the South-West of France, in the city of Perpignan.In ¡ Vale Venga Vamos ! (Spanish), Lucy lives in Lanjarón in Andalucia.

In both versions, Lucy is accompanied by a motley bunch of friends. These appealing and wittily animated characters are seen both at home and at school, drawing pupils into their world and motivating learning. Also popular are the DJ and, of course, all the delightful pets !

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ZZZ Characters


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