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" ZIM ZAM ZOUM gives the children enthusiasm for the language, helps them to feel they are achieving and leaves them singing the songs for days! "
French teacher, The Dragon School, Oxford



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For a child, learning French is a much more rewarding and positive experience if it is fun and gives them a sense of achievement.

We have brought outZIM ZAM ZOUMto help children learn French with real understanding as well as enjoyment. The software and audio CDs are designed to keep children motivated and keen to speak French, whilst promoting effective learning and the acquisition of accurate pronunciation, through listening to native French speakers.

Our products focus on teaching through SONG and these songs can be enjoyed in many ways:

  • as audio CDs in the car on the school run, or on long journeys (especially to France!) Each CD comes with a beautifully illustrated booklet of song-words in French and English.
  • as software on a home computer: the songs have been charmingly animated, so that children can watch as they listen and sing along. There are also support activities, involving colouring, word-searches and code-breaking

Song is proven a highly effective and engaging way for children to practise core vocabulary and structures. The progression through each song provides gradual vocabulary substitution and repetition of key structures without boredom. The dialogue format helps children into real French conversation. Exceptionally catchy and varied, the songs have a quality and subtlety not usually found in such resources.

ZIM ZAM ZOUM is motivating, engaging and fun !



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