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" ZIM ZAM ZOUM is excellent, very successful. The children love it as it is so interactive...it also allows you to go at your own pace, suited to age group and ability, as you can pick and choose bits that are suitable "
Primary teacher, Monkton Park Primary School, Chippenham


" The songs just stick in your head ! .....we get to do it ourselves, it's like DIY...."
Year 5 pupils, Monkton Park Primary School Chippenham


" ZIM ZAM ZOUM gives the children enthusiasm for the language, helps them to feel they are achieving and leaves them singing the songs for days! "
French teacher, The Dragon School, Oxford


" Zim Zam Zoum is brilliant! It makes people enjoy learning French. The singing is the best bit. "
William, aged 6, Oxfordshire


" ZZZ is a fun and easy way to learn French at home and school. I love it ! "
William's Mum, Sally Fitchett



June 2009

With 6 brand new animated songs, 5 grammar and 2 phonetic animated explanations and 40 activity sheets,  the school version of the eagerly waited Zim Zam Zoum Module 2 is now out and available for order or online purchase! 

Yes, it is ready rather later than originally planned, but this is because we wanted to add more and more material to the software and it is now jam-packed with resources for teaching grammar, language-learning strategies, phonetics, intercultural knowledge as well as ready-made dialogue and plenty of vocabulary. Teachers are always telling us that Module 1 is amazing value for money and we have kept the price for Module 2 the same – so it is a real bargain !  

Don’t delay in ordering your copy of Module 2 – your classes will LOVE it !

Also now available is a lovely two-in-one, DOUBLE-SIDED  Zim Zam Zoum poster, which complements the songs and is another super teaching resource for topics such as clothes, colours, family, pets and physical description.  It will brighten up your classroom wall and you can alternate the side you display !

May 2009

We have been inundated with requests from Spanish teachers to bring out our Spanish version of the animated songs as soon as possible.  The good news is that the Spanish version is well into production so, teachers of Spanish, watch this space !!!

Durham Primary Modern Foreign Languages Conference:

Taught By Song were pleased to attend this splendid Primary MFL conference at Durham on 11th June, where creative teaching through song featured strongly amongst the workshops. We were overwhelmed with interest from visiting delegates, who watched demonstrations of Zim Zam Zoum, not only enjoying the animated songs, but also trying out the huge variety of flipchart interactive exercises and games. “What a time-saver to have these wonderful ready-made exercises using all the Promethean tools !” was one of the many comments in appreciation of the comprehensive Promethean version of the Zim Zam Zoum software. Lucky teacher, Amy Bell, won a free copy of this fabulous software in the prize draw !

We are looking forward to another visit to the North-East in the not too distant future and meanwhile we will be attending the North Yorkshire Primary Languages Conference on Friday June 27th 2008 in Harrogate. Please do come and visit our stand to see Zim Zam Zoum in action !

Taught By Song present Zim Zam Zoum at the ALL Languageworld Conference in The Examination Schools, Oxford April 11- 12th


25 June 2009



Like it or not, at least one Modern Foreign language is coming to a primary school near you!But don't fret, Pam Turnbull promises that with the right resources, it can be fun ...


This is the only program here that is not out yet, but we were lucky enough to get an early
version to review. Eventually, there will be six units in Module 1 all based on the same
flip-chart format, although for the preview we had limited access.

The scene is set by a catchy tune which introduces Lucy, Romain and their friends who
live in Perpignan in south-west France. Each unit comes with a green and red route -
the green being the standard flip-chart pages which translates to 13 lessons over
125 pages for Unit1 alone
, while the red route provided extension exercises. Planning
and objectives are very obvious throughout, as are the different learning strands being
addressed from knowledge about language, speaking and listening to inter cultural
. Learning comes in form of songs, interactive activities and games with
an interesting "tickertape" option to view specific vocabulary.

Away from the whiteboard there are worksheets, flashcards, vocabulary lists, song
words and additional teacher resources
, which means that this is a package which lends itself well to meshing with other products and programs.

Unit 1 covers colours, nouns, gender, name, age and where you live as well as
links to Perpignan
. It uses the Promethean tools well - such as the Activote - although a
paper and pencil will do just as well in this assessment activity. There is a good balance
between listening, speaking and looking at the words, although we'll have to take a look at the complete package to really get the measure of Zim Zam Zoum.

12 April 2009


If you are looking for an engaging and comprehensive scheme to teach primary
French, the innovative and stunning Zim Zam Zoum software from Taught By Song could
well be the solution. It will be published first in Promethean's Activprimary format (Module 1, the first year's teaching, available Spring 2009). As the name implies, Taught By Song use the medium of song as the basis for their French teaching scheme, building a progressive series of exercises around the topic presented in each song.

Their website (www.taughtbysong.com) contains interesting insights into the power of
song to enhance language learning. The new three Rs (rhythm, rhyme and repetition)
develop patterning skills and improve memory, whilst music has the ability to connect the
right and left hemispheres of the brain and improve learning. Not to be underestimated also is that a song repeats itself to learner over and over again,way beyond the walls of the classroom, providing natural and meaningful repetition which aids long-term memory.

What is special about this package, is that the songs are not only original, melodic and
catchy, but are also accompanied by full flash animation of a charming set of recurring
characters. The animation is very high quality, with accurate mouth shape synchronising
with the words, as an extra aid to pronunciation. The words are skilfully written in dialogue form to act as a springboard to role-play. Zim Zam Zoum is a remarkably flexible scheme, with a fabulous choice of exercises and games for the interactive whiteboard, which make full use of Promethean's excellent range of tools. The interactivity goes way beyond the normal drag and drop exercises and the activities show clear progression.
All five skills of the KS2 Framework for languages are developed.

In trials, Zim Zam Zoum has proved to be motivating, engaging and fun, giving pupils a sense of achievement in their learning. It caters not only for different teaching styles! It is well supported for non-specialist teachers, with clear guidance notes to all the activities,
as well as 'click-on' recordings of the vocabulary and sentences, spoken by native French
voices. At the same time, the scheme has considerable depth, in-built differentiation and plenty for specialist French teachers to get their teeth into! The quality of the songs, animation and interactivity, together with the obvious language progression, make this software stand out.

28 March 2009

Taught By Song are pleased to announce that the flipcharts within Module 1 have been
accredited with the top kitemark from Promethean Activprimary.

This award complements the wonderful reception the animated songs have received.


12 March 2009

Modern foreign language lessons are to be compulsory for the first time in England's
primary schools
. Education Secretary Alan Johnson backs the recommendation of a
review by Lord Dearing that all children should learn a language from the age of seven.
This should happen by 2010, as part of the next curriculum overhaul.

Read full story on the BBC website

7th March 2009

Welcome to Zim Zam Zoum. We have just launched the website "6th March 2009"
which we hope you will find informative and entertaining. We continue to fine tune Module 1 which will be available to purchase very soon and details of which we will be publicising here. As an early interested party, we are pleased to offer you an incentive to purchase Module 1 at a discount. To qualify for this offer, please register your name, position and school details before 30th June 2009 at info@taughtbysong.com. This special introductory offer will entitle you to a 20% discount off the retail price of Zim Zam Zoum (Module 1), should you wish to make a purchase.

Monica Hyde will be attending the NEC conference in Birmingham on Saturday 24th of
March 2009
and will be happy to meet (subject to prior arrangement) and answer any questions relating to Zim Zam Zoum.

Additional promotional details are available in the forthcoming March editions of
Primary Choice magazine and, an editorial feature in the Education Business magazine



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