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Zim Zam Zoum is now being used throughout North Yorkshire:

“... We were impressed from the outset by Zim Zam Zoum ...” Read more

Simon Cowton
Consultant for Teaching  and Learning, North Yorkshire Local Authority

“... the Zim Zam Zoum songs are one of the most important developments ever in primary languages, providing...excellent teaching and consolidation …”

John Bald
Primary Languages Consultant, Hackney
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For the classroom, car and home

interactive software resources and audio CDs
which teach children foreign languages via original, melodic song and engaging animation

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  • Fast language learning through the rhyme, rhythm and repetition of catchy songs, with colourful, quirky animations of delightful characters
  • Native pronunciation and simple grammar explanations support non-specialist teachers and parents
  • Extensive support materials consolidate learning
  • Consolidation of QCA KS2 Scheme of Work, Framework for Languages and Scottish 5-14 Guidelines

A fun and motivating way for children to
acquire serious, progressive knowledge of a
foreign language

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